The Demon Eulogy (2006)

by Beyond Fatal

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Released in 2006 on Forever Underground Records
Album layout and artwork by Tony Koehl
Logo by Jon Zig
Band photos taken by Flo Homer

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Carr at Hit and Run Recording

All lyrics written by Matthew Glaser, except "Becoming Infinity" by Adam Reed. All music written and performed by the members of Beyond Fatal.


released September 6, 2014


Adam Reed - Drums
Matt Glaser - Vocals
Mike Pribble - Guitar
Jeff Bowers - Guitar
Dave Morgan - Bass



all rights reserved


Beyond Fatal State Line, Pennsylvania

BF was formed in the late 90's by 4 dudes who had very little musical experience at the time. The band existed for close to a decade and released 4 albums and played countless shows on the east coast with many local and nationally touring bands. Beyond Fatal was often label as death metal though the lyrical content had little to do with the common themes of that genre. The band split in 2007. ... more

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Track Name: Ages of Decay
Cries from beyond utter forth by the wills of desolate souls
Mired within dark waters, writhing and clawing, eternal suffocation
Retching, convulsing, seizuring, awaiting the day of retribution

Shattered bodily, evicted spiritually, infinite torment
Sentenced to misery, advocates of blasphemy
Trapped in the chaos stream

Dark towers rise to blight the ashen landscape
Foretelling centuries of suffering
Blessed ones cast them here, the souls of deviants
Forever denied all divinity

Godless mortals die, a slow decay begins
The demons revel in their butchery
Endless halls of pain echo the horrid screams
Immolation liquefies the skin

Blasphemous utterings inflict madness
The cries from beyond, lamenting their own obliteration
For mercy they weep, for defiance they suffer

Spirits racked in eternal throes of agony
Ruination with no end in sight
Dark beings with murderous intent in mind
Jagged instruments incise the flesh

Fated are they to forever become the unholy damned
All hope is abandoned, replaced by the poisonous tinge of fear
Oblivion awaits as life forever wanes
Ages of decay
Track Name: The End Retribution
Grind me down once again
I will break a fallen man
And in rapture you scatter the pieces No

Dead of soul you came
In a fallacy you hid your secrets
You know nothing of failure and demon seed
Swallow the ridicule

But it wasn't you, never you
Living life as a victim
Fawning for the light you're lost
Languish in my sympathy
Down, I will tear you down for this
For in you I have lost everything

Now I know your fears, you beseech your divinity
And I will tear my gaze away...

And you, you were the only one who never saw
The eyes behind this building strain you cause in me
You, you stripped away my mind and left me in impurity
Rage, I desecrate the only bond I ever shared with you
And you are nothing now

Pulsing and burning and feeding on you
Fall within flesh, unyielding
You'll never hear the voice forgiving you

And none have fallen farther down
No soul escape those lips, for none has lived
Suffer the wraith that finds you, whom I have bore
Again you must forget, again the pain I must conceal

Waken from the dreamer
The baying horrors that hound you beckon
As the frost falls on a wilting world
Track Name: Hollow Breed
Decayed vision of a world afire
Revelations lost on your faces
As you kneel to beg before a dead messiah

This world that you see is it not what you remember
Innocent reverie, a childhood lost forever
Perversion, mockery, as you sob upon the altar
Take a look in the mirror at the ice tears you cry

This world’s kindness lost in grins, sadistic
As they copulate, destroy us

I will not escape, as my body they violate
My vision brackish, as my mind they ravage
Sadism innate, to a hollow breed

Yet I struggle, I must see the
Warmth in every shallow face
But there’s no place for raw emotion
Is the bitterness so serene?

I see this, endless, you refuse to be unmasked
You are human, yet inhuman, and this I do not understand
Why must I fear to be alone?

I choose the night, immortal haven
I choose my fear, forsake denial
Forsake your passion, I will never
Dissipate to your sad state of emptiness

Emptiness (dissipate)
Track Name: Thrall
Within the haze, infernal night I bring
I find my curse channeling indignation
Lifting me so far away
Awash in the venom of your touch
I become your chosen thrall
As we weave the strands of my despair

In consummation of abrasive unlife
Bitten, ensnared, a chthonic union of the highest order

Torrent, squall of repriseIdol of pain, sublimation
Introspect, faith questioned, lies

Taste the vile essence
Subordinate me unto your will
Imbibe my flesh, relish the splendor
And know the flavor of my submission

Malice, temptations I bring to you
Callous, you sup from empty veins
Ever, you deny my affinity
Shall I never cease to be

I am unknown
I the unknown
Will you know what I am?
Will you care what I am?

I am...Thrall
Track Name: Without Dreams
It begins with the darkness enclosed
Obscuring the dangers once seen so clearly
Hiding from impending truth
That haunts our masquerade
Focus lies upon the self
In a false image

I have seen my own end
I witness it over and over again

The hours assault me as though
I battle time itself
The fires of contemplation
Ignite my eyes

Imprisoned within this uncontrolled state of mind
My vengeful visions become relentless captors

Long live the everlasting night
Laying siege to the senses
Laying siege to the fortress of the mind

The fears change with time

A trembling body, intensifying heat
Stimulates provoking thought
Paralysis begins, involuntary contractions
Awaken consciousness

Encased in flesh once again
Track Name: Nightmares of a Fallen Sun
Behold, awaken to a day of burning skies
The assailing light pierces the eyes
No shadows can survive this day
Yet I sense that something is awry

A vexing sight, an omen exposed by alien light
The erratic change, a definite hue the sun does not retain

Dark energies pulsate throughout the chaotic sphere
The heavens are burning, consumed by this terrible force
As we fast approach the very end of time
The cosmos erupt, and the sun descends

Falling towards the Earth
We hearken the devastation
Crying as the end begins
The sky bleeds unholy fire

Panic spreads throughout the world, fear reigns
Reciting the names of ancient gods, false prayer
You pray for salvation, hypocrites
In the end we must suffer to atone

There is no hope for us
The promised savior has not come
We have lost our innocence
This tragedy is beyond the heart of man

The Earth trembles before the might of the fallen sun
The prophecy comes to fruition, the nightmare's time has come
Man's legacy will be ended, forgotten world

The daylight ends, man's sins have brought
The falling of the nightmare sun
A bitter time was ours on Earth
The wars were waged, fate has won
The daylight ends, fate has wrought
Nightmares of a falling sun

The Earth becomes as flame
Track Name: Dark Regressions
Life, unending conflict within my will
Struggling to fight what I repress

Waiting inside
Reflections of the dark
Deviant thoughts taking their hold

Prepare to find your true self
I need not your influence demon
No demon am I, I care nothing for your soul
Then you’ve come to show me the way

Hate, fear, pain, this suffering
My questions are unanswered by a world that thinks me mad

Chaos now stains your soul
My world will not become what you believe
Witness the pain you cause
Why do you haunt me, my mind is no longer my own

It is time
Envisioning my own demise
A collision of two worlds

Possessed by the pain I seek
Damned within this life

Waiting once more..
Waiting for the time of my end
Viewing the world through tainted eyes...

What I once was
And must be once again
Inner abomination

Thus revealed will be my darkened mind
Track Name: Immersion
Rain, swirling, crashing
Soaking a world once sodden
Impulse, fever
In its midst I will stand, yet remain
Unfeeling, frozen
Lost in the storm without power
To change, escape, to feel

Rain, torrent, drowning
The hopes and the prayers of the wayward
A lull, immersion, illusory wounds

The swollen orbs of the sullen crier
Mottled gray within malady
Force, uncontrolled
Crush, bane of soul
The hail of seasons untold has come
Sorrow's breath blankets the
Earth in chill
Winter's heart, alone without haven
And the night is so cold

To breathe is pain, a frigid
It sears the soul, as the illness breaks
The fragile skin, drain
It scours weakness
It bleeds away all warmth
Nothing remains but void and emptiness

Burying deep, I dig beneath
To bear this frozen pall
A lifetime, falling, falling

Howling into a night that does not hear
A solemn keeper of mortal fears
Insanity born of a form that is wasting away
The illness born of the rain has washed him away
Track Name: Becoming Infinity
Shattered in my remembrance
Are the promises of hope
Leaving me again
Broken amongst eternity

Resounding is the pain
Ever with me, this misery
I cannot flee, can never ignore

No last words, amidst my final breath
Cursed be the miasma I now release
Never again draw the breath of life
I am becoming infinity
Track Name: Omniscient
Banishment, tortuous paths are strewn across the way
Of this hate fiend, man
Incarcerated by my own malignance
Kindred to no one, I am the one being

I am the one, the only
The beginning and the end
The end of a life that should never have been

No praise shall I ever beseech
For there are none whom supplicate
Alone, a victim of my own creation

Possessed of no morality
I scour this world in search of faith
Your truths are empty, your pages blank
My life a coffin, my soul a tomb

And I fall into the wind
For in it my words remain unheard
Mankind has forgotten me
None shall hear me
As I fall into the wind

I am the one, the only
My existence means nothing
Track Name: The Demon Eulogy
Welcome to the end of the light
The silence will never be your friend again
For in this shadow’s depths it is all you will ever hear

I have tried so many times to reach the light again
I have paced the righteous path, yet the end was always clear to me
The end is where I am, Demon is what I am

And the sacred dies on the shoulders of mortal sin...

I have sought the answers but the angels do not speak to me
Were you seeking justice or salvation, haunting questions
Have you heard the cries of holy martyrs who have fallen here
Follow me, I will show you where the darkness lives

Where the darkness lives inside you all...

Can you feel the evil ones?
Can you see my world?
There is naught but eternity

Crimson blaze, become my sight
As I stare in non-existence to heaven

Only pain you will find on this trail
Of deceit and denial I walk
Purgatory, an empty state of failure
Of abysmal pain, of muted tears lost
Follow me, follow kindred

So we the spawn of evil, energumen
We rise, to view the day
And destroy thy holy light
Yet we fall to again to thee...
Seraphim, you will die in your blindness
Loyalty and honor are fleeting
Yet our pain is forever