Sanctuary In Misery (2002)

by Beyond Fatal

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Recorded on December 7, 8, and 9 at Hit and Run Recording. Engineered by Steve Carr.
Released by Bloodsoaked Records in 2002.
Artwork by Troy Dunmire.
Logo by Jon Zig.
CD booklet and and packaging laid out by James Keefer.

All lyrics by Matthew Glaser except "Sanctuary In Misery" and "Descension of Silence" by Adam Reed. All music written and performed by the members of Beyond Fatal.


released September 7, 2014


Adam Reed - Drums
Matt Glaser - Vocals
Mike Pribble - Guitar
Jason Vrboncic - Bass



all rights reserved


Beyond Fatal State Line, Pennsylvania

BF was formed in the late 90's by 4 dudes who had very little musical experience at the time. The band existed for close to a decade and released 4 albums and played countless shows on the east coast with many local and nationally touring bands. Beyond Fatal was often label as death metal though the lyrical content had little to do with the common themes of that genre. The band split in 2007. ... more

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Track Name: Descension of Silence
At what cost will I forsake this virtue?
Betrayed forever
In endless silence I suffer
To walk amongst them

Forever bound in torment
I watch their apostasies
And I see them fade away

I cannot help them, the fiendish wraith's descent

Scorching winds consume
The flesh is forced from this world
And I am made to withstand
I watch my people vanish before me

As I weep in utter horror
I hear their laughter, forsaken
Made to wander this desolate land

Shifting tides of ashes and doom
Naught remains that is holy
Defiled and barrem the Earth, Ruins

I can no longer bear this terror
This despair, this guilt
I must depart
Track Name: Desensitized Communication
This pollution in the sky
It haunts my every motion
I cannot flee from it
Live a single day in silence

The incessant sounds
Muting the senses
Causing us to
Speak without reserve

No sense of peace, choking on my own words
There is no respite

Desensitized Communication

Intercepting meditations
With meaningless words and phrases
All your thoughts revealed
There can be no secrecy

You say everything that you feel
But those words fall on deaf ears
Concerned with feeble gossip
Caustic superficiality

Rejoin the world of individual thought

Aborting my thoughts
Depriving mentality
Strip away reason
Victims of sonic abuse
Track Name: Of the Same Caste
Separated upon the Genesis
Divided, cast from the reach of kin
Conflicting genetic comrades
Divine paternity playing favorites

Self-preservation, from the dangers of self
The life blood that speaks of brotherhood

Cast aside by partners of the same womb
Distrust my brothers of different skin
For in me is the feeling of truth
My god has blessed me and made me his tool

Live by my word or die by my sword
Live by my faith, I force upon thee

Why has my god failed here?
Making these foolish men

The human bloodline must be pure
It is time to create a new Eden

Feeding my ego he damns me with lies
As I move onward to blaspheme humanity
Track Name: Persona
Your simpleton mind projects empty thoughts
A base human instinct is all that you know
You envy and gossip, make love, hate, and lies

I comprehend another existence and for that you despise
What inspires this unfounded loathing?

Experience had taught you nothing at all
You still are the fragile child you run from
No accomplishment satisfactory
The passions I feel, to you, a farce

My bloodline is tainted, dishonor in my veins
Seething towards what is not your seed

Consequence and time escape you
Ignorant of the damage you inflict
The pain in your heart, a reminder
Tolerance for your kind is waste

Welcome to my persona
The spawn of your degrading
Battering me with your twisted deeds
Revenge can bear the test of time

You would not trust or embrace
Abuse of emotion, your calling
Injuring me and others of my kind

Your skin is transparent to all
Your intent is painfully obvious
I am my sire's miscreation
Come punish me with your futile words
Enjoy this victory

Molten, this fire, that's melting that skin
We melt together, repenting our sins
Down to the essence, and what lies beneath
I have surpassed you to hand forth your disease
Track Name: Transcending the Dogma
Gaining entrance to a world unknown before
Solitude unwaking, comatose
Confirmation lost in the abyss

Searching for the truthful haven, inhuman mystery
Climbing the holy mountain, to view the Earth from afar

Empires rise before my eyes
Feelings can't hide from outside scrutiny

Concerning our nature, we the lustful, now
Do evolve in silence, the destruction of a life

Father hear the conviction of my faith
Belief in our downfall, your soul this will not save
Loving this moment, spending time in purgatory
As the hatred burns within your mind

Destroy you my savior, because you should not exist
In this world of human fault

The scriptures burn within the flame of your virgin life
Track Name: Sanctuary in Misery
Born of obsession
The masters will embodied
Spawned by seeds of blasphemy
The chosen one's conception

Fallen grace, fallen again
Persecuted, hunted, ruthless and endless
My pursuers are many

Alone, my sanctuary in misery
Fallen grace, fallen again
A fleeting moments passing
Rejections, endless torment from those that bore me

From they that shall forsake me
Forlorn, beset with legions of anguish
Torn apart, festering, my soul
Persecuted, hunted, ruthless and endless
Could I have been their savior
Now alone, sanctuary in misery
Track Name: Judgment's Call
Hear the echoes off sterile walls
Such feeble men who have lost their cause
Incurring faith to ease your shame
What is your crime, who's to blame?
Sins of the fathers?
Cruel society?
Mental affliction?

Much time to dwell
Can you accept the things you have done?
Atrocities untold within
Remembering pain in their eyes, unwaking demise
Does violence still reside in you?


Awaiting judgement
As the darkness grips you
Death sings his lullaby
How will you face it?
With a prayer?


Harsh sentencing, for any man to bear
When your dying day does comeIs it justice that is there?
Denouncing the unjust
As mercy abandons you
Track Name: Mark of the Beast
Carved from a desolate stone
Leaving a broken relief
A monument to a demi-god
Reminiscing on a tumultuous past
Spawned of the lust of a virgin
New life replaces the old
Her wails of passion were muted by
the cries from a fatal birth
A forgotten bastard child

Teeming with unholy life
Lying in his stricken mother's fluids

He bears the unholy mark
It rages and churns upon his tiny brow
As the world lies unaware, a dark savior for Satan's cause

He's come to set the world aflame
The people damn him and scorn his existence, a
fate worse than death for a child
Love escapes is feeble grasp
He grows to loathe the world around him
A flickering shadow of humanity

The Mark of Beasts on his forehead does live

A man who thrives on his hate
His conquering, driving force
As he calls forth the demonspawn
As his new Urth begins to form

Plagues, Pestilence, Violence, Blasphemous
Now abandoned by his creator
Locked away and forgotten by his sire
He lies alone in his bleak stone prison
He again remembers the child
Deprived of my innocence
Never truly given a chance at life
I will suffer for the pain that I brought them
An infernal destiny was my downfall
Possessed from birth, bred for damnation
A dark path not of my design...
The Mark of Beasts withers upon his dying brow